Published on April 26th, 2011 | by Becky Striepe


Suitcase DIY: Craft Projects for Vintage Suitcases

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vintage suitcases
What is it about vintage suitcases? I think they carry so much history. Those sturdy, beautiful, old-timey pieces of luggage are packed full of trips and stories. Vintage suitcases are not so ideal for modern travel: they’re heavier than modern suitcases and often don’t have those handy wheels on the bottom, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still worth salvaging! Here are a few ways to rethink those suitcases.

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[Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Drew Coffman]

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  • Jane_Faye

    * Drools over pics of gorgeous old steamer trunks and vintage suitcases * :)

    I’ve seen the results of a few upcycling projects on Folksy, where old cases have been decoupaged…and I use some beautiful vintage cases (that I got from where someone had actually just thrown them in a skip!) to store all my half-finished and potential craft projects. It’s better than a shelf or basket, because there’s a natural way of gauging when I’ve left too many half-done – if I can’t shut the blooming thing, it’s time to finish more projects off!

    Quite liking the pet bed idea, though. Our cat is very fond of hanging out in box-like objects.

  • SC

    Please only do this if the suitcase is half rotten or already 75% broken. Seeing gorgeous vintage goods destroyed by glue and paper is a tragedy! They are rare and beautiful as they are.

    If people want to get “handy” with luggage, why not get a cheap modern suitcase that is common? They can be found used at second hand stores. That saves the earth, too!

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