How-to: Recycled Bottle Cap Magnets

cut circles from magazines
Use the quarter to trace a circle around an image from the magazine. Take the tape and carefully place a piece over the circle. Then take a small piece from the cover (which is usually a heavier weight paper) and mount it to the back of the traced image with a light coating of glue. Trim out the image circle.

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2 thoughts on “How-to: Recycled Bottle Cap Magnets”

  1. Those are really fun! I’m so glad you did this tutorial, I get emails about bottle cap magnets all the time. Thanks so much, I’ll be spreading the word about your tutorial.

  2. PUBLISHED 1998 Bottle Cap Activities : Recycled Crafts for All Ages (9780893342791): Kathy Cisneros: Books

    Thank you in advance for your consideration,

    Kathy Cisneros

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