Yearn Worthy Yarn: Your Hair

So I’m going to put this up there with spinning yarn from your dog’s hair; interesting that it can be done, but not quite yearn worthy (stray strands of hair sometimes really freak me out.)

But using your hair, human hair, as fiber to create clothing can be done, as this woman from Romania has shown us. (Hat tip to CraftStylish for the story.)

Bistrita Nasaud, grew her hair from the age of 16 until it was 40 inches long so she could weave it and created nine items of clothing out of her hair.

While it looks like she did not technically knit with her hair, it seems that the same basic principals of collecting and spinning dog hair would apply here. And talk about a renewable resource! If your hair grows as twice as fast as mine, I bet you could have a skein to begin knitting with in no time.

My favorite part of this story? That Nasaud praises the characteristics of human hair in that it is “comfortable and warm.”

So what do you think? Interesting use of an unconventional fiber or are your gag reflexes kicking in?

5 thoughts on “Yearn Worthy Yarn: Your Hair”

  1. In “Knit Lit” book 1, there was a story about a woman who took great pains to produce a sweater from her dog’s hair and ended up smelling so awful on the first misty day she wore it that she put the sweater in the garbage can … whereupon she got calls complaining about a dead animal smell in her trash cans. It just doesn’t sound like a good idea!

  2. Honestly, using human hair to weave just seems creepy to me.

    Of course, I read way too much stuff about the Holocaust and WWII (the Nazis used to make haircloth from the hair of the Jews they were gassing in the camps.)

    I’ll keep to wool, plastic bags and acrylic yarn. 🙂

  3. Wasn’t a hair shirt some Biblical reference?

    a garment or undergarment made of animal hair (a hairshirt) used in some religious traditions to induce some degree of discomfort or pain as a sign of repentance and atonement.

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