Yearn Worthy Yarn: Sublime

I have Spring fever. Bad. I can’t wait for the warmth and the sun of the season. I think that’s why I am quite currently fawning over Sublime’s organic yarns.

Sublime offers soft and soothing colors that seem perfect for this time of year. They come in organic cotton as well as organic merino wool. Organic options enough for everyone.

The organic cotton is entirely natural and untreated. It has been grown organically without the use of pesticides and gently dyed using environmentally friendly products. I am in love with the colors, Peapod, Rice Pudding and Laundry. Great names too!

The organic merino is 100% wool that is untreated and dyed with environmentally friendly dyes. I’m ohing and ahing over the colors Asparagus and Sailcloth. Both look so soft and light.

You can also pick up some great pattern books for these yarns. They’re chalk full of light and airy patterns, which pair nicely with this spring time yarn.

[Image by by maggi.m under a creative commons lisence]

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