Yearn Worthy Yarn: Simply Cotton

When it comes to cotton yarn, I’m a very picky knitter. I am not a fan of cotton yarn that is stiff, has no give and is a little bit rough. I especially hate that cotton ply that splits the second you make a mistake and need to back knit and it just falls to pieces. Ugh, my hands hurt just thinking about it.

So I’m pretty excited about Knit Picks Simply Cotton yarn. Simply cotton is 100% organic cotton yarn available in worsted and sport weight. See how strong and soft it looks?!

Beyond being 100% organic, the yarn is free of bleach and dyes. It comes in four neutral and naturally occurring colors called Marshmallow, Malted Milk, Ginger and Toffee. Mmmm all so delicious sounding, even good enough to knit with!

Since the colors are naturally occurring each skein might be slightly darker or lighter but that is a small price to pay for this lusciously soft and beautiful organic yarn.

4 thoughts on “Yearn Worthy Yarn: Simply Cotton”

  1. Thanks for the suggestion! I have used cotton a few times but it wasn’t very soft and I am working on using more organic. I’ll definitely have to try it out. : )

  2. Has anyone tried this yarn? Years ago I knitted a cotton sweater and it was like knitted with string. The finished garment was so stiff it could almost stand up by itself.
    This looks soft, but I’d love to hear from somebody who has used it.

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