Why Crafters Should Love PlanToys

New Releases from PlanToys

Why Crafters Should Love PlanToys

I am thrilled to announce that Crafting a Green World is going to be partnering up with PlanToys for some super fun, crafty adventures.

A craft site teaming up with a toymaker might not make sense at first glance, but PlanToys has tons of toys that are begging to be altered and accessorized. We are so excited to get started!

In case you’re not familiar with PlanToys, I wanted to introduce you to this phenomenal company and talk about why we are so in love with their toys and their mission. Really, PlanToys had our attention from the get. Their tag line is “Sustainable Play,” and they really do walk the talk.

Their toys are made with unfinished wood from truly renewable rubberwood trees and from recycled materials. They use natural dyes and formaldehyde-free glues to make sure that their toys are as healthy for our kids as they are for the planet.

I’m a long-time fan of this company, long before they came on as a partner. When our salesperson – Micha – told me that we were going to be working with PlanToys, I kind of freaked out. My son has a ton of their toys in his toybox, because I’m very strict about keeping toxic toys out of our house. Here’s a picture of my guy from last November, playing with his PlanToys xylophone.

PlanToys Xylophone
He is serious about posing for pictures, y’all.

From harvesting to manufacturing, PlanToys does its best to reduce their waste and impacts and treat workers right. They also partner with community groups to help teach the next generation about sustainability. You couldn’t ask for more in a toy or in a craft supply.

Great! But what does that have to do with crafting? Kind of a lot, it turns out. The CAGW team exchanged flurries of emails about exciting ways to use PlanToys in our crafts over the next few months, and I am super excited about the ideas that we came up with. Here’s a taste:

Fun with woodburning! Julie’s going to dye and burn some of their unfinished wood toys to customize them for her girls.

Constructing a wall frame to encourage even more creative play with PlanToys’ number, sign language, and letter tiles.

Decking out their Victorian dollhouse.

Julie is going to be taking the lead on a lot of these projects, and I can’t wait to see what she creates. She and her girls can’t wait to get their hands on some toys to experiment with!

What’s New at PlanToys

Of course, you can also play with PlanToys as-is, and there were a few things from their new line that looked like a lot of fun for curious, crafty kids.


New Releases from PlanToys

1. My Art Board – I know, art is fun when it’s messy, but I don’t think it has to always be messy to be fun. This little lap chalkboard is perfect for road trips or when you just want to make supper and prevent your kid from trashing the house. Not that your kid would do that.

2. Toy Chest – But your kid is still going to trash the house, right? I love a toy chest like this, because it makes it easy for my son to untrash the house himself. He actually enjoys cleaning up when it’s easy like this. Plus, the unfinished wood sides have tons of possibilities. Decoupage, anyone?

3. Stacking Rocket – Your kid can practice fine motor skills while learning about colors, sorting, and stacking. Perfect for curious, creative toddlers.

4. Market Play Set – PlanToys makes a ton of play sets like this to encourage dramatic play. I gravitated toward the food one because my son and I love shopping for groceries together (I know, we’re weird.), but you can peruse their huge line of play sets. They even have play set molds that your kid can use with playdough!

Have any of you guys played around with PlanToys in your crafty endeavours? Does your kid have a favorite toy from their line? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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