What to Do with a Vintage Flour Sack: 13 Projects

Did you score a vintage flour sack at the thrift? Here are 13 projects that turn it into something awesome.

Did you score a vintage flour sack at the thrift? Here are 13 projects that turn it into something awesome.

Did you score a vintage flour sack at the thrift? Here are 13 projects that turn it into something awesome.

Vintage flour sacks are still fairly easy to obtain and not too spendy, but nevertheless quite lovely, and they make excellent crafting supplies.

But what, pray tell, does one DO with a vintage flour sack?

Why, any of the following awesome projects!

1. apronThere isn’t a tute to accompany this beautiful flour sack apron, but you can use your favorite apron pattern, fussy cutting so that the graphic looks nice on the front.

2. butcher apronThere IS a tute to accompany this beautiful flour sack apron!

3. embroidered flour sack wall artThe embroidery is a lovely way to allow the often faded images on a flour sack to pop out, making it into excellent wall art.

4. framed flour sackIf your flour sack is too pretty to alter, here’s how to frame it as-is.

5. milk crate ottomanA vintage flour sack is the perfect fabric to upholster an ottoman made from a vintage milk crate.

6. no-sew pillowHere’s a great way to make a flour sack pillow without damaging or altering the flour sack at all.

7. ornamentsFlour sack fabric can be quite distinctive, and one flour sack can make an entire set of matching ornaments.

8. pillow coverThe secret here is to find a pillow that’s well-matched in size to the dimensions of your flour sack.

9. purse. This purse is made from a corn sack that looks like it has more structure to it, so if you’d like to try it with a flour sack, consider lining the fabric.

10. quiltIf you have several lovely flour sacks to work with, then a quilt can be surprisingly easy to piece from them.

11. roman shadeThe tutorial uses a burlap sack for this, but I think that a flour sack would be easy to substitute.

12. sachetIn this project, I used a small cornmeal sack, but you can easily substitute a flour sack, either fussy cutting to obtain a nice print for the front, or using plain scraps and perhaps freezer paper stenciling a design.

13. upholsteryBeen dying to learn how to upholster? This may be your chance!

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Written by Julie Finn

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