Tutorial: Makeover Plain Greeting Cards with Fabric Scraps

Making Thank You CardsI loved this post on upcycling greeting cards and it got me thinking about my stash of notecards that are out of style.  In this economy, instead of buying new greeting cards I decided to make my own.  I need a beautiful thank you card to send to the hostess of a dinner party, but all I have is a stack of blah thank you cards.  They were purchased originally years ago to send as a follow up thank you after corporate interviews, therefore they are very corporate.  

I decided to spruce up a few of the cards giving them a handmade touch with a scrap of fabric, bias tape, stamps, and a sewing machine.  It took less than 10 minutes!  I will probably never buy a new card again.  If I ever run out of blank notecards to transform, I can make my own with recycled card stock.

Handmade Thank YouFollow these steps to transform a plain thank you or notecard into something amazing and handmade.  This technique can be used to transform cards for any occasion as long as they are blank inside.  You’ll never be stuck without the right card again.

  1. Cut a piece of scrap fabric to the size of your card (I used a scrap of Mod Green Pod fabric from my shop).  For other fabric options check out my craft fabric stash recommendations.
  2. Cut a length of bias tape to the width of your card (I used woven organic cotton bias tape from Near Sea Naturals).
  3. Card StitchingUse letter stamps or a thank you stamp and ink to stamp your greeting onto the bias tape. 
  4. Line up fabric scrap and bias tape onto the front of your card with the card fully opened flat.  Sew the fabric and bias tape onto the front of the card about 1/2 inch in from the edge.  
  5. Trim fabric close to the line of stitching.  For a decorative touch I used pinking sheers to trim my fabric.  Once I trimmed mine a little bit of the border from the original card was visibile, but I liked the effect.  I also liked the stitching on the inside of the card.

Now have fun experimenting with different fabrics and embellishments!
[Images by Jackie Hernandez]

Written by Jackie Hernandez

I am a work-at-home mom busy chasing after my son and establishing my eco-business, Tiny Décor. I also write the Tiny Décor Blog aimed at modern parents trying to go green for their kids. Tiny Décor has allowed me to turn a passion for sewing, craft, and environmentalism into a business. Blog writing has become an outlet for me to share my experiences going green, being a parent, and loving the planet.


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