Top 5 Projects from the July Green Crafts Showcase

Top 5 Projects from the July Green Crafts Showcase

I know I say this every month, but all of your projects really do amaze me! There are so many projects that I wish I would have come up with myself. Without further adieu, here are the incredible top 5 projects from the July Green Crafts Showcase:

1. Upcycled Sushi Tray Bracelet Tutorial by Bespangled Jewelry

Bespangled Jewelry created an adorable bracelet using a sushi tray! Instead of throwing away that take-out tray, upcycle it into awesome jewelry! I especially love the colors and style her tray has! She gives a beautiful step-by-step tutorial on her site– go check it out!

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Did you miss the deadline for this month’s Showcase? Don’t fret! You can enter the Green Craft Showcase now and be part of next month’s.

[Photo viaΒ Bespangled Jewelry, used with permission]

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