23 Things to Do with an Empty Peanut Butter Jar

empty peanut butter jar

empty peanut butter jar

I tend to go on and on about how amazing empty peanut butter jars are (maybe because I have so many on account of Peanut Butter on a Spoon is a completely legitimate snack in my family?). They’re airtight, they’re shatterproof, they’re super clear, and they’re good for tons of things.

Here are just a few!

1. bird houseScroll down to find the one made from an empty peanut butter jar!

2. button jarAnd the lid looks like a BUTTON!!!

3. camping lanternTo make it even more eco-friendly, sub in a solar-powered light for the tea light called for in the tute.

4. car snackPeanut butter jars are perfect for bringing food in the car–they’re light and non-breakable!

5. decoupaged jarTurn a boring jar into a decorative storage jar.

DIY Discovery Bottles6. density discovery bottlesIt’s a sensory activity AND a science experiment!

7. Earth Day activity jarFilled with fun activity supplies and treats, it can make any day Earth Day!

8. fruit fly trapIt’s not cute, but it works.

9. gift jarIt’s amazing what pretty paper can do for an empty peanut butter jar.

10. globeHomemade globes are so fun!

11. glow-in-the-dark firefly jarThis would be a fun camp craft for a group of kids.

12. I Spy jarLittle kids love to play with these in the car.

13. kitchen storagePeanut butter jars are ideal for storing food, and you can write directly onto them with Sharpies.

14. lanternUse tape resist and paint, or tissue paper decoupage to decorate the jar.

15. organizationStore everything from craft supplies to toys.

16. personalized bathroom caddiesThe tutorial calls for Mason jars, but peanut butter jars would be safer, at least on tiled bathroom floors.

17. piggy bankIt looks like glass, but it’s easier to work with.

18. snowmanYou can find all kinds of cute seasonal crafts for peanut butter jars–just Google it, Bro!

19. storage jarsPaint the lids and add a ribbon handle.

20. tornado in a jarYou are going to blow your kids’ minds.

21. vacuum formerTurn your model-making up a notch.

22. woodshop organizationScrew the peanut butter jar lids into the bottom of a shelf, then organize all your nails and screws.

23. yarn holderYou can knit outside, and keep the twigs out of your yarn!

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