The DIY Dog: 4 Craft Projects for Your Pup!


I love my dog. She snoozes in my office all day while I work, we take walks together, and I love the wiggle dance she does whenever I get home from running around town. She’s my girl, and all I want to do is shower her with treats, toys, and love.

The trouble with dog toys and treats is that they’re often not so great from an environmental standpoint. So many are made in China, which means questionable materials and labor practices along with a huge carbon footprint to ship them here to the U.S. The toys fall apart, and I keep seeing recalls for dog treats made from inferior and dangerous ingredients. Boo on that!

So, what’s a dog-loving crafter to do? Make our own, of course! Check out these DIY projects to make your own dog toys and treats, so you can spoil your pup guilt-free!


1 thought on “The DIY Dog: 4 Craft Projects for Your Pup!”

  1. Hello – While browsing for homemade puppy projects, I found this page on your site. Such great ideas. Thought you might be interested in a very green DIY puppy project I am experimenting with at the moment. I wrote up a blog post which describes a variation on a Wee wee pad, which doesn’t need to be sent to a landfill, but can instead be used in a garden once its been ‘loaded’!

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