St. Patrick’s Day DIY: Shamrock Craft

Shamrock Craft

Shamrock Craft

It’s St. Patrick’s Day. You’ve got to pull off a craft…ASAP. And all you have are leftover heart-shaped thingies laying around from Valentine’s Day. Gulp!

Are you doomed? Should you just skip over the clover and go straight for Easter crafts?

Heck NO! As a friend of Mother Nature, you can’t let a holiday where GREEN is so highly celebrated just slip by. So grab those empty Valentine containers and let’s DIY a shamrock craft. (Can you hear the Irish music now?)

Shamrock Craft


  • Heart-shaped candy containers (the clear ones from Valentine’s Day)
  • Glue
  • Green tissue paper (check your Christmas stash)
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue gun (low temp for kids)
  • Green jar or juice lids (2)

Shamrock Craft


  1. Clean any stickers or other Valentine-ish-type stuff from your containers.
  2. Rip tissue paper into small pieces.
  3. Paint thin layer of glue onto the inside of the heart container.
  4. Attach tissue paper pieces to the inside of your container. You can do this randomly, or create a pattern. It all looks nice.
  5. Once you’ve covered the inside with green tissue paper, coat with a thin layer of glue.
  6. Repeat this process for your other containers. The number of containers you do will depend on if you want a 3-leaf shamrock or a 4-leaf clover. Four-leaf clovers mean good luck. Just sayin’.
  7. When everything is dry, put a dab of hot glue onto four corners of the juice top.
  8. Attach the bottom tip of each heart to each dab of glue. The four hearts should form a shamrock.
  9. Press the tips down with your fingers so they adhere.
  10. If you didn’t make a mess of the juice top with all that glue, you can just leave it. But I actually added another green juice lid so it looked a little cleaner. You can also glue and glitter the top portion to hide the blue blobs.
  11. Hang this in a window so you can see the beautiful stained glass effect you’ve created!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Shamrock Craft

Want to continue the party? Learn how to make a recycled green garland here!


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