Spotted: Crayon Wands

Crayon Wands from Kids Activities Blog

Crayon Wands from Kids Activities Blog

Got broken crayon bits, but the last thing that you need is to make MORE crayons with them?

Here’s a really original project for your broken crayons, from Rachel at Kids Activities Blog [sic]: crayon wands!

The tute here is much more kid-friendly than my own recycled crayons tute, as Rachel uses a candle warmer, not the oven, to melt her crayon bits (mental note: look for candle warmer at garage sales). I’d still use the oven for recycled crayons, mind you, but these crayon wands are small enough that heating up a whole oven for them would be overkill.

These crayon wands also call for clear, wide milkshake straws–mindfully sourcing those could take you weeks, gosh darn it! Gee, Kids, this milkshake place didn’t serve us the correct straws for upcycling into crayon wands! Guess we’ll have to get more milkshakes at a different place next week! When you do find the correct straws in your delicious milkshakes, take them home like a big weirdo, soak them in warm, soapy water, rinse them well, then let them air-dry before you turn them into wands.

While your kids are waving around their new crayon wands, check out these other projects that you can also make using broken crayon bits:

1. upcycled crayons: Here’s the classic recycled crayons tute–it’s got everything you need to know to teach you exactly how to make upcycled crayons.

2. crayon canvas art: You don’t have to use perfectly new crayons to make these canvas art pieces–broken pieces work just as well.

3. crayon wax seals: Use melted crayon wax and a stamp to make a fun scrapbooking embellishment.

4. dipped pinecones: Dip pinecones in melted crayon for a gorgeous holiday decoration.

5. message in a bottle: Melted crayon wax makes a colorful seal for these party invitations.

6. sun crayons: Let the kids make their own upcycled crayons using solar energy!

[crayon wands image via Kids Activities Blog]

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