Six Crafty Class Projects to Make with Paper

1. Origami mobiles

paper cranes

Junk mail doubles as great origami paper, and I’m going to show the kids how to fold their own paper cranes. We’ll fold four to six cranes, then use string to hang them at varying heights from a circle of reclaimed corrugated cardboard.

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by rmlgonzales

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10 thoughts on “Six Crafty Class Projects to Make with Paper”

  1. Any way i can get a template for the starburst magazine craft? Is there a tutorial on the whole project? i couldn’t seem to find it on the website.

    1. Unfortunately, her post on it seems to be gone, but here’s the gist:

      *Roll up 34 magazine pages into tubes.
      *Use a needle and thread to stitch the tubes into a circle.
      *Cut 2 circles from cardboard (a cereal box would work great).
      *Lay your circle of tubes onto one cardboard circle, apply glue generously, and lay the other cardboard circle on top.
      * Let it dry, and you’re all done! You can hang it with sticky tack or attach something to the back for hanging.

  2. Hi Becky,
    I taught a craft class at my kids elementary school and the first thing we made was a sketchbook from recycled materials. I used cereal boxes for the cover and scrap paper for the inner pages and then sewed down the center. The class involved block printing, embroidery, knitting and sewing so the kids used the sketchbooks to plan future designs.
    I’m not sure where I got the original idea from but here are 2 links I just found:

    Hope you enjoy the classes, they look like a lot of fun!

    1. Jo, I love this idea!! I was thinking about doing some kind of simple journal, and this sounds simple and fun. I love it as an ice breaker idea for the first day, too! Maybe they can decorate the covers with collage stuff cut from magazines and junk mail?

  3. I was going to suggest paper mache, but it was already suggested. At home we always used a flour and water paste for it.

    Another idea is to use old magazines/junk mail, etc to make rolled up beads and make jewelry.

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