Sewing Clothing from Pillowcases: 8 Repurposed Projects

dress made from pillowcase With the green movement going strong and craftiness in the spotlight I have discovered a lot of people sewing clothing from old pillowcases.

My BFF Jen was the first to tell me about transforming pillowcases into dresses for little girls which was showcased in one of the old Victorian magazines she used to collect. She decided she wanted to give it a try but had lost the original pattern.

So I went on a pattern hunt and ended up finding pillowcase patterns for several types of dresses, skirts, rompers, even tanks tops and camisoles.

Here are some of the cutest and best pillowcase clothing patterns that I found.

  1. I found an adorable girl’s no sew pillowcase skirt on
  2. A kid’s pillowcase pumpkin costume on
  3. I love this cute little pillowcase shirt at Instructables – adult size by the way.
  4. If you have a little girl here is a great step by step tutorial along with a downloadable pdf pattern for a darling little pillowcase dress found at Everything Sewing.
  5. Whimsey Couture on Etsy sells patterns for darling little rompers made from pillowcases – genius and so cute. Makes me wish my little girl was still “little.”
  6. Here’s a nice adult size pillowcase skirt found on Bella Dia.
  7. On Fab Shop Hop I found a great pdf tutorial for a child size pillowcase dress.
  8. And here’s a pillowcase dress tutorial (pictured above) at Jen Leheny’s website.

Do you make clothes from pillowcases? If so I’d love to see what you make. Feel free to post links in the comments.

[Image Credit: Pillowcase Dress via Jen Leheny]

3 thoughts on “Sewing Clothing from Pillowcases: 8 Repurposed Projects”

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  2. Palomitavalenz

    I am going to make a blouse of my old white pillow case! I want to be a fashion designer when im older, I have already designed clothes and little purses out of jean pockets. I decorate them and they look beautiful after! My birhday is coming up in about 9 days and i will be 14 years old. I want to buy fabric because i have a sewing machine and want to start designing my own clothes. Thank You!!! ;}

  3. Hi! I make clothes from pillowcases and vintage sheets! My FB page had taken a turn for newer/modern fabrics- but after a craft fair and seeing peoples interest in clothing from vintage linen- we’re back on track! Stop over and see us! Beth <3

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