Reader Question: Cool Crafts with Old Computer Parts

Reader Question: Cool Crafts with Old Computer Parts

3. Keyboard Picture Frame by Krafty Kat

Katherine at Krafty Kat made this adorable picture frame using an old computer keyboard. Grab an old frame that you have on hand or one from a thrift store/garage sale and glue the keys from the keyboard onto the frame. Katherine used super glue to attach them to the frame, but you could easily use a hot glue gun. Check out her full tutorial to see the other frames she created using keyboards!

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[Photo via Krafty Kat, used with permission]

3 thoughts on “Reader Question: Cool Crafts with Old Computer Parts”

  1. Just be careful with computer innerds… There is lead and other toxic substances in there, which is why most municipalities require special recycling for electronics.

  2. I wouldn’t let my kid touch the computer, in fact, I don’t, usually. Brominated flame retardants in the plastic are my first concern, and they come off in dust (which is why you should damp dust around your computer, frequently). Look up PBDEs. They are not to be trifled with. Also, PVC is commonly used to insulate cables, which often contains phthalates and lead. And finally, computer circuit boards will often (especially if they’re older) have lead solder. Monitors are also “great” sources of lead. So I’d steer clear and find an estewards-certified recycler to dispose of your old computer equipment—this will prevent the toxic waste (yes, it’s considered toxic waste and can’t be landfilled!!!) from being shipped to China where little children will break it down for us. πŸ™

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