San Francisco Pillow Fight Party Gone Wrong? Upcycle the Leftover Feathers!

Since a recent Valentine’s Day pillow fight cost the city of San Francisco $20,000, officials have been talking about a crackdown on flash Mobs. We think this pillow party could be transformed into a craft festival the day after, recycling the wasted feathers into magical crafty creations!

Bridal feather headdresses are stunning and the ideal example of how to upcycle feathers. More ideas include:
Dove wreaths that look lovely in any doorway!

How about this delicate feather “Over the Rainbow headband? Ideas are abound!

Raffles and contests for the best upclycled feather project would be a cool after thought to a pillow fight.

If all else fails, perhaps Leslie Hall and the Lys could call their representatives and create the largest feather sweater in the world?! Just kidding.

Seriously though, with a little creativity these public pillow fight events may be able to be transformed into constructive fun instead of just a big mess that pollutes the city.

Image Credits:

  1. Creative Commons photo by Ari
  2. Bridal feather headdresses on Etsy
  3. Dove wreaths on Etsy
  4. “Over the Rainbow headband

Written by Lucille Chi

Lucy Chi loves good green design, ethical fashion, environmental art and education, renewables, holistic healing and more. She has been dedicating her energies toward finding and drawing attention to all the ways in which products, companies, and industries are moving toward creating a more sustainable world on the global scale, as well as the way individuals are moving toward living sustainably, and healing at the personal level.

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