Old Bed Linens Become Rag Floor Pillows

Rag PillowSome crafty crocheting is all it took for designer Anneli Martin, of Bird and Lard, to transform old bed linens and a duvet cover into comfy rag pillows.  The Bird and Lard environmentally friendly concept is “recycle to last”.  The husband and wife duo behind Bird and Lard transforms outdated pieces of furniture into one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Anneli was so kind to share with me some additional photos of her rag pillows (after the jump). I think it takes a true craft visionary to imagine that cutting up a bed sheet could result in pillows with such amazing texture.

Rag ballAnneli created these rag pillows by cutting old bed linens into a continuous one inch strip and crocheting them into giant circles to serve as the top of the pillow.  One bed sheet makes about a 30″ circle. You will also need fabric for the back of the pillow. Consider using fabric from the matching pillowcase for the backing. Anneli shares the complete easy to follow instructions for making these rag pillows on Design Sponge.

Rag Pillow DetailThe texture on these pillows is so fabulous.  These would make great floor cushions or pet beds (no need to worry about damage from claws). You could certainly adapt the instructions to make smaller throw pillows. It would also be fun to experiment with different fabric textures.

Rag Pillow Pet BedsLoving this look?  Have more fabric scraps?  Lenore wrote up a great tutorial on making a circular rag rug.

[Images courtesy of Anneli Martin, Bird and Lard]

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