Nature Play for a Rainy Day

Rainy Day Activities: Nature Play Box

Nature Play for a Rainy Day

This fun nature play box is a great rainy day activity to keep busy toddlers entertained. Set it up on your back porch or in your kitchen.

Warning: this creative nature play box looks pretty messy. It’s fine for indoors, but you’re almost certainly going to be vacuuming afterwards. A small price for happy kids that are playing independently though, right?

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What I love about this video from Mama’s Nook is that she’s creating a sensory and creative play experience by using what she has. Raid your backyard and pantry to create your own creative play environment for your toddler!

She says that this nature play activity kept her older toddlers entertained for for more than two hours! Parents. What will you do with the quiet time that just magically opened up in your day?

This activity doesn’t really have a set materials list. You’ll just need some kind of tray – she used an old cardboard box with the sides cut down – along with smaller containers, like plastic bowls and measuring cups.

From there, you can use whatever’s handy! Dry pasta and rice. Small animal toys. Pine cones. Leaves. Grass clippings. Twigs. Get creative! You can even have your kids help you gather some of the contents for your nature play box. I know, I know: it’s raining. That’s part of the fun! Put on raincoats and galoshes, and head out into the rain with your kids. Then dry them off, and let them play. The rainy outing will hopefully wear them out a bit, buying you even more you time.

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