Nature Crafts to Make Using the Sticks from Your Yard

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Picking up fallen sticks around the yard is less of a hassle when you have something more fun to do with them than just tossing them in the ubiquitous brush pile by the street. Read on for several crafty uses for this completely free and natural art supply:

DIY Bird's Nest
Bonnie’s bird’s nest!

DIY bird’s nest: Think bird’s nest, but without bird spit and WITH a handy little place to set your keys! This decorative bird’s nest tutorial from our own Bonnie results in a nest that looks real, but will hold up in your home–and hold something useful.

This twig star image is the property of A Foothill Home Companion.
This twig star image is the property of A Foothill Home Companion.

tied stick star: You’ll show off the beauty of the wood found on your property, as well as your crafty skills, by attempting this tied stick star from A Foothill Home Companion. For a slightly easier project that you can still hang on your front door, try the twig sunburst wreath from The Painted Hive.

twig frame: All your photos will certainly match if you mount them all inside these twig picture frames from The Crafty Classroom. You can use the recycled cardboard that the tutorial calls for to back your picture, but if you’re fond of what you’re framing, you may want to upgrade to store-bought mat board, which is sturdier and of archival quality.

paint brush: In my round-up of art supplies made from nature, I tipped you off about one of my favorite ways of painting: with high-quality twig-handled paintbrushes from nature (tutorial by missannie). I’m pretty sure that store-bought human hair paintbrushes would be REALLY expensive, right?

twig basket: If you STILL need something to hold your keys and you’re up for a bigger challenge than the DIY bird’s nest, try your hand at this twig basket tutorial from A Holiday Haven. Just remember–hot glue is your friend! Add some upcycled wire and a found object for a base and you can upgrade to a twig and wire bowl (tutorial by What I Made).

[stick frame image via Shutterstock]

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