Liquid Nails Home Projects Repair Adhesive is Greenguard Certified

Liquid Nails Home Projects Repair Adhesive is GREENGUARD Children and Schools certified which basically boils down to it is very low in VOCs, has a mild odor odor and contains very minute amounts (if any) of hazardous materials like formaldehyde and phthaltes which makes it generally safer and less toxic to use than most adhesives.

Now it is not the whole line of Liquid Nails products that are now GREENGUARD certified just the Home Projects Repair Adhesive.

The Home Projects Repair Adhesive by Liquid Nails comes in a handy little tube with a “precision” applicator. It is acid free, solvent free, low odor, waterproof and washable, and it works on wet surfaces. This is a handy little glue to have in your craft kit for tougher jobs when simple tacky glue may not work.

The box says it works best on wood, rubber, foam and paper. Works on paper just fine, foam too. Not sure about wood or rubber. I don’t work with rubber too often and haven’t had the chance to try it with wood. I’ve been told it works with fabric, hmmm. I’ll have to give that a try and find out how well it works with fabric because I have some ribbons I want to attach to a few things without pulling out the hot glue gun. I have a few other things I plan on putting it to the test with (if I ever get time).

It did not work on my shoe which is some sort of pleather stuff. I didn’t expect it to work miracles though. Somehow the rivet pulled right out of the strap and left a hole. At least the Liquid Nails held the shoe together almost long enough to get me to the shoe store to get new shoes (I was across the street in Barnes and Nobel, books always come before shoes, I know, I know take away my certified female card but I LOVE books).

Anyway, the Liquid Nails is going in my craft box. Something I never thought I would say because I thought all Liquid Nails had was big gallons of stuff you stick tile to the floor with. Hah! I see companies are continuously expanding their product lines. It pays to stay up to date. I’ll have to see what other companies have added more earth conscious eco products to their line ups.

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