LEGOs as an Eco-Friendly Craft Supply?!?: Sustainable Projects Made from LEGOs

LEGO image via Shutterstock
LEGO image via Shutterstock

Gift Giving: Have some old LEGOs lying around, but no little LEGO builders underfoot? You absolutely know someone who still loves LEGOS. LEGO trinkets make for a cute, crafty gift, and it’s a gift that the recipient can take apart and incorporate into her own awesome LEGO stash.

Kids:Β Kids’ stuff goes in and out of favor like you would not believe–one day something is in, and the next day it’s out! But if you can get your kids to make some of their stuff out of LEGOs, then they get to have fun making something, they get to have fun playing with it, and then they get to have fun taking it apart and making something brand-new.

House Stuff:Β Maybe today you really need that pencil cup, desk organizer, cell phone holder, or bookend, but what about after your next home redesign? Save yourself some money and an eventual Goodwill donation by constructing what you need out of LEGOs, and then deconstructing it when you’re done.

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