Junk Beautiful Books: The Ultimate in Repurposed Inspiration

Junk Beautiful Outdoor EditionIf you have not gotten your hands on one of the Junk Beautiful books you are totally missing out.

Sue Whitney is the ultimate when it comes to taking a piece of whatever and re-purposing it into awesome decor. Examples: an old grate becomes the centerpiece of a magnificent winter wreath, washboards and a printer’s drawer become a stylish outdoor patio table, a tire and drum become a side table, a vintage wooden milk crate becomes a garden cart, dominoes become a soap dish, an old urinal becomes a planter…and that’s just ideas from the Junk Beautiful Outdoor Edition.

Junk beautiful by Sue WhitneyIn Junk Beautiful: Room by Room Makeovers with Junkmarket Style which is the first book, you’ll find ideas like: turning shutters in a shelf, a glass lampshade into a water fountain, an old boot form becomes a lamp, an old flour mill cart becomes a coffee table, a soap dish becomes a wall sconce, and so much more.

Sue Whitney must be the best visionary when it comes to re-purposing items into usable decor and fun storage.

I consider myself to be a creative person and I admit, I have a habit of collecting unique and interesting pieces of “junk” thinking “I can do something with that”. The problem is my brain doesn’t always figure out that “that” is. Of course many times I don’t have the time to think about it, the supplies to go with it, or it gets shoved in a dark, damp corner of my basement or shed and it is forgotten about.

But Sue Whitney and her co-authors Kimberly Melamed (Junk Beautiful Outdoor Edition) and Ki Nassauer (Room by Room Makeovers) must really be able to look at an object and see all the possibilities. I think it’s phenomenal how they do it.

I’ll never look at junk the same way again. In fact after reading these two books I was ready to hit the nearest flea markets, yard sales and whatever else I could find along the way. Too bad I originally read the books late on a Sunday night. But the weekend is coming, my husband is on vacation and we are going yard sale-ing and junking. I have been inspired.

All you re-purposing gurus out there should check out the Junk Beautiful books you may be inspired too.


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  3. Thanks for the recommendation – these books look very interesting. I was just thinking I need a coffee table for my deck, and now I’m inspired to make one!…I’ll have a look in my basement to see what I can use!

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