It’s Flea Market Season

flea market by mollypop flickr CCThe weather has finally cleared up and yard sales, garage sales and flea markets are underway. Let the bargain hunting begin!

Flea market and resale shoppers are the ultimate greenies. We love bargains and love all things vintage, used, and reusable. And those of us who take our fab finds and recreate them into something new- that’s upcycling at it’s best.

So, the question is, what are you going to do with your bargain finds after you buy them? How will you make them into something fabulous?
Will you use them as is or will you redo your new treasures into something even better?

Personally, I like to do a little of both depending on the find. Somethings I keep as is because they are beautiful without any redo. Others need Β a makeover in the worst way. And for inspiration I often turn to books.

A quick search on Amazon yields some great finds like:

Some of the books show you how to incorporate what you find and use as is while others give detailed tutorials on how to makeover your furniture with a fresh coat of paint or more complicated redos.

I’m a fan of finding wood furniture that just needs a little TLC.

Whether years of terrible paint jobs need to be stripped, gouges filled, or if it just needs a little bit of sanding, wood is by far my favorite material to work with. It blows my mind when people throw away wood furniture. Why? Wood can always be refinished into something completely new. If I seeΒ a piece of furniture made from wood in the trash I grab it, don’t care if I need it or not. I can redo it and give it to someone as a gift. I also keep an eye out for wood items at yard sales. If it’s solid wood it’s worth taking a look at.

What items are you always on the lookout for? What materials or pieces of furniture do you love redoing most?

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