How To: Upycled Decorative Cans

How To: Upycled Decorative Cans

Last weekend my roommates and I found an adorable china cabinet at a garage sale for $25. Besides a few pretty dishes, though, we didn’t have a lot to put in the china cabinet. I dug through my craft stash and found three tin cans– perfect for something decorative!

What You Will Need:

1. Tin Cans

How To: Upycled Decorative Cans

2. Spray paint. To make this project even more eco-friendly, use low VOC spray paint.

3. Paper. If you can, opt for eco-friendly options like sheet music, book pages, or Eco-Friendly Recycled Scrapbook Paper.

4. Hot glue/hot glue gun

How To Do It:

1. Clean the cans. Also, if you have any rough edges from the lid, make them flat with pliers.

2. Spray paint the cans. My spray paint can got clogged, so mine looked more like splatter paint. It still looked okay, so I just went with it!

3. Then, cut out the phrase of your choice. I chose “eat” because they are displayed in our dining room. I used an electronic cutting machine to cut out my letters.

4. Once your cans are dry, hot glue your letters onto your cans.

Now you have three adorable decorative cans. You could put them on your table as a centerpiece, or you could put them in your china cabinet like we did.

How To: Upycled Decorative Cans

How To: Upycled Decorative Cans

Where would you put your decorative cans? Share your ideas with us! Also, if you have your own tin can projects, link them up to our Green Crafts Showcase!


Written by Bonnie Getchell

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