How-to: Tree Stump Card Holder

  1. Rinse. Gently rinse the stumps of mud and snow in warm water (if you collected them from a tree lot, if they are from your Christmas tree, skip to step 3). Be very careful of splintered edges, it might be a good idea to don some rubber gloves.
  2. Dry. Set the stumps on a few old dish towels or paper grocery bags from your recycle bin while they dry out in a warm corner of the house. These freshly cut stumps might be young and sappy, and therefore very sticky.
  3. Cut. Try to wait 24 hours or until the stumps seem dry to cut them, this will make the wood much easier to cut. Cutting damp wood was once explained to me using the analogy of putting dry jeans on wet skin, which has always stuck with me as great visual for the traction of a saw on wet wood. Analyze the stumps for the most aesthetically pleasing side and draw a line down the center parallel to that “front”. Then, carefully, hold the stump steady with one hand and slowly saw on the line, making sure to keep the blade directly on the line. Once your groove is about 1-2cm deep, blow out the dust and you’re done.

This is a quick and easy craft. It took me about an hour to make nine of them.

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