How to Make Slime: 5 Recipe Videos

There are lots of ways to make slime (aka gak). Here are five options for how to make slime, with videos!

There are lots of ways to make slime (aka gak). Here are five options for how to make slime, with videos!

Kids. Love. Slime. This is a new discovery for me, as my kid brought home a ziplock baggie full of slime from preschool. He was so proud of it, and of course that sent me into a googling spiral, looking up how to make slime.

Slime – also known as gak – is pretty cool stuff. It’s a sensory experience, science experiment, and toy, all rolled into one. It’s the kind of activity that young toddler and older kids can all enjoy. It turns out there are lots of different ways to make it! Here’s how to make slime, five ways. With videos!

1. Glue and Borax – This is probably the simplest slime recipe that you can make. Steve Spangler Science also gets into the science behind how this slime recipe works, so it’s a good one for older kids who might want more deets.

2. Body Wash – If you’re not into buying a box of borax, try this slime recipe that uses body wash as its base.

3. Glue Sticks – Got a glue stick handy? Combine it with shave gel to make fluffy slime.

4. Highlighters – Instead of food coloring, this tutorial uses highlighters to get cool, vibrant colors. This is another recipe for how to make slime without borax.

5. Galaxy Slime – The shiny! The colors! The no borax or detergents! This slime is seriously beautiful.

Do you have a favorite recipe for how to make slime or gak? I’d love to hear more ideas in the comments. With cold weather rolling in, I have a feeling I’ll need some fun kid-friendly activities in my pocket!

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Josh Hallett.

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