How-to: Make Beads from Colored Pencils (You Get to Use Power Tools!)

Use the cut-off wheel on your Dremel to saw the colored pencilsThe process is actually very simple: using a Dremel with the cut-off wheel installed, or any type of saw with which you’re comfortable, first saw your colored pencils into pieces.

See how I’m working on the floor there, on my lap, with my bare feet and lack of sleeves and accompanying cat and using my prescription lenses as safety glasses?


This picture is the reason that my Papa gave me a bench clamp for Christmas. Well, that and the picture on the next page…you’ll see.

Try to make your cuts as straight as you can, but know that you can sand down any rough or crooked edges when you’re finished.

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2 thoughts on “How-to: Make Beads from Colored Pencils (You Get to Use Power Tools!)”

  1. Woohoo to power tools! I think this idea would also translate really well to a mobile using different lengths of beads.

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