How-to: Handmade Graduation Card

Graduation time is here! Cards are so expensive to buy and are such a waste because most people throw them away. Instead, make your own from materials you already have!

What You Will Need:

1. One small square of paper. I used some left over yellow scrapbook paper. Scrapbook paper isn’t the greenest craft supply, so consider using recycled paper like sheet music, book pages, or magazines. You can also check out some recycled scrapbook paper like the Green Stack Collection, Eco-Friendly Recycled Scrapbook Paper, and Recycled Kraft Paper for Scrapbooking.

2. A marker

3. 1 page from a book. You could also use sheet music or a magazine.

4. Scissors

5. Hot glue/hot glue gun

6. Tape

How To Do It:

1. Cut strips into your book page. Don’t cut all the way through, though. I left about an inch at the top.

2. Roll up your book page and tape it at the top. It should look like so:

3. On your small square of scrapbook paper, draw a graduation cap. I traced an image that I found online.

4. Hot glue your tassel to the edge of the graduation cap. Then, draw a line from the circle of the cap to the tassel. I trimmed my tassel at the end because I felt like it was too long for the card, but that’s completely up to you.

5. Write a message on the card.

Attach it to your gift and you’re finished! This took me about 5 minutes to make and it was completely free for me (because I used items I already had)– much better than a $4.00 store-bought card! Do you know anyone that’s graduating this year that you could make this for?

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