How-to: Alter a Kid’s Sports Uniform So That it Actually Fits

altered softball uniform (1 of 1)

Little kids look super-cute playing their summer team sport of choice.Β And the littler the little kid is, the cuter it all is… except, of course, when the kids are so little that their uniforms don’t actually fit them right.

My daughter’s softball team of four-to-seven-year-olds all wear an X-Small uniform, and still those knee socks, sleeveless shirts, and athletic shorts utterly swamp them. At our first game, my kid’s knee socks went up to her thighs, her shirt went down to her knees, and those shorts, cinched tight with a drawstring, billowed out around her when she ran.

And she’s one of the older kids on her team!

Knowing how to sew means that you don’t have to make do with something that doesn’t fit and is uncomfortable to wear. Here are the easy ways to fix the three most common areas of ill-fitting kid uniforms–and one of them doesn’t even REQUIRE sewing!

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