DIY Moss Terrarium for a Handmade Holiday Gift (or just for you!)

The weather is getting colder, and we have a handmade holiday on our minds! Handmade gifts have heart, are better for the environment, and, if you opt to buy, it supports independent artists!

DIY Moss Terrarium

Make a cute DIY moss terrarium for a handmade holiday gift or as a sweet DIY decor piece of your very own.

If you want to have a totally handmade holiday, now is the time to get started. Over the next couple of months, we’ll be posting about recycled gifts and giftwrap you can make yourself and great handmade finds for sale!

At this point, you’re probably stuck like me trying to sort out what to make for those folks who are just impossible to gift. Fear not! A simple moss terrarium is a lovely gift for that person who has it all. You can embellish your terrarium with anything you like and personalize it for whoever you’re gifting.

My Home Ideas has a great video tutorial for creating your own moss terrarium. Check it:

A salvaged glass jar would be perfect for this project! Just get any sticky labels off of there, and you’re ready to roll! Instead of purchasing polished stones, you might go on a rock-hunting field trip. Just give your finds a good rinse before you get going.

Once you’ve got your layer of moss, you can add sweet little personal accents. Think vintage figurines or tiny keepsakes that would mean a lot to the person you’re gifting.

Your recipient doesn’t have to work hard at all to keep their terrarium going. A gentle spritz of water once in a while is all the moss in there needs to thrive. For another terrarium tutorial, head on over to Dabbled for instructions from Lindsay of Shrimp Salad Circus!

Image Source: Creative Commons photo by debcll

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