Handmade Cards from Africa, Share the Love, Improve Lives…

Always reach for the sky–or swing your way there!” is the title of this handmade art card from Cards for Africa made by talented Rwandan artists and youth groups.

“Our Touch the Sky card is lovingly handcrafted in Rwanda by young people who have been orphaned by genocide or disease. All the paper is handmade from local Rwandan office waste, making it environmentally sustainable, too.”

Cards for Africa exists to:

  • improve the quality of life for orphaned youth in Rwanda.
  • represent a diverse partnership of designers from both Rwanda and around the world.
  • promote fair trade principles.
  • support like-minded partners who believe in the future of Rwanda.
  • turn waste into art.
  • recycle Rwandan scrap paper that would otherwise be burned.
  • work with like-minded partners who believe in the future of Rwanda.
  • support sustainable development in Rwanda.

“Why Rwanda? Rwanda is full of potential, but 10 percent of the population has been orphaned by disease and the 1994 genocide.”

Cards for Africa believes that sustainable ventures like this share the keys to lifting Rwanda (the most densely populated nation in Africa) up and out of poverty in a creative and caring way.

“These three wise penguins want to prevent you from becoming a grinch this holiday season!”

Images above courtesy of Cards for Africa.

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