Green is the New Red: Crafting a Green Valentine’s

I see fat, winged babies in the gift card aisle.  I see rows upon rows of pink wrapped chocolates at every store I go to, even if it’s a tire shop.  I start seeing ads for “single awareness” parties.  This could only mean one thing… Valentine’s Day.  With V-day rapidly approaching, and no one forgetting about it, I started to struggle for ideas to give to my husband that are cute and fun while being green and sustainable at the same time.  Here are a few of the ideas I came up with, and will pass them along to you!  Regardless of if you’re single, partnered, or in one of those “it’s complicated” relationships, these are fun gift ideas that could be used for any day of the year.

yarn heart

What other way is there to say I love you, I like you moderately, or I feel generally pleased with you than to physically make something from the heart?  Crafting items from home keeps Big Valentine out of the equation, and shows that you spent some time thinking about this person.  Make them bath salts, a knitted scarf or hat in their favorite colors, or a scrapbook page chronicling your relationship?  There are so many fun craft ideas out there, and when you make something from home, you’re being more sustainable.  You’re cutting out the carbon footprint of your gift by making something from home, with things you’ve already got on hand, than buying something that has been packaged and shipped from who knows where.

While there is a notorious massacre on St. Valentine’s Day, this holiday is about love and not death.  If you’re going to give flowers to your beloved, try a potted plant instead.  This shows that your love is more durable than a bouquet that’s going to die in a week.  You could also put together a gardening kit and seeds as a gift, so that the planting and growing of something new is something that you do together.

There have been millions of people who have to say something about love, so if you’re not a wordsmith, you can borrow from them.  Cut out pictures of “love images” from magazines, and write out quotes on recycled pieces of scrap-paper.  Creating a collage is a good way to show how you feel about someone.  Also, you could make a mixed tape or CD instead of buying a new CD that’s covered in 1387 yards of wasted plastic.

Hopefully this will get your green/creative juices flowing, and you can go out there and tackle your own Valentine’s Day presents.  Just because you’re showing your love for someone in particular doesn’t mean you can’t show some love to Mother Earth while you’re at it.

[Image Credit: PutYourFlareOn at Flickr]

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