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Good Will table at Green Festival A couple of weeks ago we had the fortune of having the Green Festival in our Nations Capitol. A large green expo, featuring ways to green every aspect of your life, included big name speakers in the environmental movement.

My favorite part of the weekend? Tucked into a corner was Good Will Industries and D.C.’s own Goodwill Fashionista. For those of you who arn’t familiar with the Fasionista, she writes about how you can find amazing fashion right at your local Good Will shop. Finding gently used clothing and reusing is a concept that is nothing new to readers of this here blog.

What was even more great about the D.C. Fashionista being there, was she was teaching everyone how to make a market tote out of a t-shirt. Genius I say! T-shirts are definitely something Good Will always has in spades.

Inspired by Marta Stewart’s instructions, they easily modified the task to quickly create totes for people at the Festival. So I’m sharing with you these same instructions so you too can take an old t-shirt and have another tote to carry your market goods around in.

It makes me happy when so many facets of the green community can come together.

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