Going Green With the Indie Craft Experience

We have an exciting day tomorrow here in Atlanta: the Indie Craft Experience (ICE) is this Saturday from 11a-6pm at Ambient + Photo Studio. It’s my favorite local craft show, so you can imagine how exciting it was to learn about what organizers Christy Petterson and Shannon Mulkey were doing to make it greener!

Full disclosure here: I am one of the vendors at the holiday show this weekend.

For last year’s Holiday show, they teamed up with SustainGroup, who provided recycling bins during the event and hauled away the recyclables at the end of the day. Beyond just handling recycling, SustainGroup also helps educate attendees on the importance of recycling and upcycling. This year, co-organizer Shannon Mulkey is hauling all of the plastic and glass recyclables to a local facility after the show. It looks like SustainGroup is organizing a meetup for folks who want to take the train to the show together instead of driving! There are details on the SustainGroup’s website.

Attendees can decorate t-shirts to take home at ICE’s activity table! The shirts are organic cotton tees from local Atlanta company Alternative Apparel, and all of the fabric for the appliques are scraps that otherwise would have ended up in the bin. The first 300 shoppers to arrive will receive a craft paper swag bag. Christy and Shannon hope this encourages them to use these bags for shopping, rather than plastic ones. They’ve affixed each swag bag with a card by Wolfie and the Sneak talking about the evils of disposable plastic shopping bags!

They even included green elements in their event marketing! The press kits promoting ICE included supplies and directions for recipients to make their own garland using shapes cut from previous years’ ICE fliers!

They have a over 100 vendors for this Saturday. ICE shows are always full of great shopping, music, and activities. I was delighted to learn about all of their efforts to reduce the impact of the twice-yearly event!

[All images are courtesy of the Indie Craft Experience, used with permission]

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