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I just came across a craft site I had not been to before- It’s pretty great for a free site full of crafty ideas, how-to’s and step by step tutorials.

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They have tons of free craft ideas, tutorials and even how-to videos. They even have a lot of green crafts like 14 things to do with an old pair of blue jeans, Recycled Tin Can Luminaries, CD case picture frame and for those already getting ready for a green Halloween check out the plastic bottle pumpkin luminaries. has free downloadable e-books too. 42 Ways to Recycle, Low Cost Kitchen Crafts, Low Cost Clothing Crafts, Summer Crafts for KidsΒ and for those of you planning a wedding there’s DIY Wedding E-book ready to download.

I am always on the look out for ideas, inspiration and crafty how-tos. Books and websites always catch my attention. FaveCrafts is one I am off to explore and see what new ideas I can drum up for some budget friendly fun. Of course if I keep searching for crafts to do I am never going to have any time to actually do them.

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  2. I do not sign up for any newsletter that requires my street address and phone no. That is what I have email for. I also do not use a title and resent not being allowed to register without using one. That is not on any of my ID’s

  3. I skipped through all the sign up stuff and just signed up for the newsletter. I really wish they would remove all that pop up sign up stuff though, after the first time I visited it has never come up again.

  4. Hi all! I’m an editor for (and the author of the plastic trash article above =D ). Thanks very much for the mention! Green crafting is actually my favorite category, one that I’m always working to grow.

    The pop-up that appears when you first come to FaveCrafts offers our free crafting newsletter. You can sign up only with your email address or you can choose not to sign-up. You should only receive this screen the first visit to FaveCrafts. We give people the option to add in more information, which is useful when sending prizes for our weekly giveaways. The offers that appear after newsletter sign-up are entirely optional (just hit skip if you prefer), and are the way we are able to offer so much content for free.

    Thanks for letting me explain! Hope to see you around.

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