Five Projects to Craft Using Silk

play silk dyed with Kool-aidIf you’re the kind of eco-crafter who enjoys crafting with natural materials, then silk is probably already on your radar. But if the last experience that you had with silk was back in the early nineties, when some dude that you knew owned a silk shirt for every day of the week and thought that he was pretty stylin’ in them (although he was not, alas), then it might be time to check silk out once again.

Because, even though silk used to have the reputation of being a pretty fussy, dry clean-only fabric, it’s actually not. Silk is a natural material, takes dye easily, is lightweight for kids and soft for sensitive skin, and can be washed in hot water and dried in the dryer.

Yes, it is still fussy to sew (although not as impossible as you may fear), but there are so many projects, both non-sewing and sewing, to try out with silk that you may be inspired to pick up that needle and thread after all, or you may find plenty to occupy you without them. Let the five projects below inspire you:

dyeing play silks with Kool-aidIf you know kiddos who would appreciate natural, gentle, creative playthings, then check out how easy it is to dye play silks using the easily available, non-toxic, food-grade dye known as…Kool-aid!

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