Five Activity Toys Made From Recycled Materials

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The last of the really cold weather is here, and kids are getting more restless than ever. If you live in an area where the cold weather keeps them indoors too much it’s hard to keep them occupied. Crafting fun, new activity toys is one way you can keep them active indoors. Here are five activity toy projects using recycled materials that will tide your kids, and you, over until outdoor playtime season.

bean bag

1. Bean Bags

Bean bags are a staple toy every kid should have. They’re great for playing games or just tossing around. All you need are some felt and fabric scraps and some beans. Whimsy Love gives us a great tutorial for a simple bean bag with a reverse applique design. It would be great to make a set of the 26 letters using this reverse applique technique and develop a spelling/letters game with your kids.

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3 thoughts on “Five Activity Toys Made From Recycled Materials”

  1. I’m looking for some indoor activity toys to make for our kids when we’re in our building’s exercise room. The beanbags are a great idea, can’t believe I haven’t done that yet. I’ve also made a simplified felt board out of an old laptop case, thrifted felt sheets plus (new) fabric.
    I’m on a search for more things… will send you links if I find anything interesting!

  2. Thanks for linking to my article on making puppets from recycled materials. I will just add that the picture you have used on your site is not mine; but from a puppeteer named Hilary Talbot. Attribution is required to use the image.

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