Eco-Friendly Scrapbook and Craft Paper from Creatively Green

Scrap-booking is very popular. Many people have really embraced the concept of creating beautiful books filled with memories.

Personally I’ve always kinda shunned it. I found it wasteful because so much paper and useless little dodads were used, so it’s never been a “green” thing to do in my mind.

Now companies are embracing that “green” idea and want to provide materials for people who want to scrapbook while being eco-friendly.

Creatively Green is one of those companies.

“Our mission at Creatively Green is a simple one. We wish to provide you with unique, quality, eco friendly, art and craft supplies. We only carry companies and products which have made a solid commitment to being green and we support local independent artists who create their own products. We carefully research and review each and every product which is brought into our store. We combine the traditional side of paper crafting while embracing the new trend of being green. Everything in our store has a story behind it, why we picked it, what’s green about it, who makes it, and why we love it.”

Creatively Green offers some fabulous scrapbook and other crafting supplies: cardstock made from recycled paper; Precocious Paper handmade flowers made from vintage fabrics and eco-felt; recycled pattern scrapbook papers; Vintage Wood embellishments by Porkchop Show; Specialty handmade papers made from seeds, recycled denim jeans, and wine; Recycled Pearlized Raffia Ribbon and Chambray Paper ribbon produced from junk mail, and Earth Safe Finishes VOC free metallic paints and colorants.

That’s a lot of eco-crafty goodness available at Creatively Green.

I stumbled upon Creatively Green quite by accident while googling myself and some of my words, see Creatively Green is the title of my personal blog and a phrase I am pretty sure I coined several years ago. I had never seen or heard someone using that phrase or words together before I titled my blog with it -and yes I searched. And then one day there was a new Creatively-Green, the scrapbook supply company I am talking about now.

Honestly I am a little peeved that someone stole my name, but since I wasn’t using it as a business name or a trademark I guess it’s OK plus I really like some of the stuff they sell and their commitment to offering green products for scrappers and other crafters.

So if you’re into scrapbooking or other paper crafts check out this site for some awesomely green supplies.

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  2. You could also do digital scrapbooking, where all the paper, photos and doodads are on the computer and then only one piece of paper gets printed out.

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