Crafting with Eco-Friendly Post-its


Did you know that Post-its or sticky notes, are not just for jotting down quick to-do items? You can craft with them too! And as the company 3M is working on becoming more sustainable, they have introduced new eco-friendly Post-it products, which are also great to use in crafting.

And if you use the new eco-friendly Post-its and register them at, Post-it will plant a tree!

Some of the new products eligible for this promotion include:

  • Post-it Greener Notes which are made with 100% recycled paper and a plant based adhesive.
  • Post-it Super Sticky Notes that are made with at least 30% post consumer recycled content.
  • Post-it Recycled Notes that are made with 100% recycled content with at least 30% of that being PCW.
  • Post-it Super Sticky Recycled Easel Pads– the writing pad is made from at least 30% PCW.

I wish the super awesome post-it craft paper was eligible, but so far it’s not as eco-friendly as some of the other products. But for scrappers, card makers and other crafty types, the colored craft paper with the adhesive backing is super convenient and easy to use. I love it. The adhesive backing means there’s no messy glue to use. So in a way it’s green. It would be really green if they used the same adhesive back as they use for the Greener Notes. Plus just like other Post-it papers it is recyclable. Which is good.

Here are some crafts you can make with the new Post-it craft paper including name cards, treat bags, scrapbook pages, cards, wall decorations, invitations, party bags and more.

If you use the Greener Notes, Instructables has this great project using sticky notes and turning them into cute little origami boxes and here’s a project on YouTube with detailed instructions on how to make adorable sticky note keychains.

If you are interested in fun sticky note crafts for kids, check out the book Post-it Boredom Busters: Create Crazy Crafts, Mad Models and Funny Faces with Post-It Notes by Debbie Mackinnon. It is a fun book full of projects using sticky notes.

It’s great that a convenient product that so many people use everyday is taking steps to become greener and the company as a whole is working on becoming more sustainable. We all need greener craft supplies too. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all companies started doing their part to make the world a greener place?

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