Eco-Artware Upcycled Treasures and Gifts

Chopstick Basket I love Eco-Artware’s wonderful selection of handcrafted goods from many crafty green artists. They have a wide variety of items to choose from including kids stuffed animals made from upcycled sweaters, jewelry made from old pennies, typewriter keys, and watch faces, bowls made from old records and signs, coasters made from old unplayable vinyl records, and my favorite- baskets made from chopsticks.

The chopstick baskets are made from used chopsticks that are cleaned and sanitized, dyed with tea and then crafted into this amazing basket that folds flat when not in use.

basket folded flatArtist Brian Parks studied in China for several years and discovered he could create useful items out of discarded chopsticks and now he is always looking for new things to create with them.

Another brilliant item that I love at Eco-Artware is the set of vinyl record coasters. Jeff Davis is a designer that creates cool stuff from unplayable records. The coasters are cut from the center of the records and laminated to protect from moisture. The result is a retro set of coasters music lovers will flip over.Record Coasters at Eco-Artware

There are many other items at Eco-Artware that I am currently coveting, too bad most of them are out of my price range like the Raven on a Heart, the vintage watch face bracelet and the typewriter key rings.

2 thoughts on “Eco-Artware Upcycled Treasures and Gifts”

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  2. My sister purchased a few of those old record bowls a few years ago – so cute, especially given her massive collection of playable records. I try not to buy a lot of stuff, but do like to use old promo CDs (e.g., AOL, etc) as drink coasters.

    But I’ve never seen the chopstick basket creation — very cool. There are so many disposable chopsticks tossed out every day, every meal at restaurants, so this is a wonderful way to repurpose them for restaurants that choose not to use “disposable” chopsticks.

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