Double Duty for Your Daily Calendar

I received a Page A Day calender this last Christmas, and I was saving the pages that I pulled each day wondering what I could do with them.Β  I didn’t want to recycle them, since it is an adorable calendar… I had a pile sitting on my desk until I realized this morning what I could do with them: make a notepad!

page a day calendar notepad

There are many ways that you can take the pages from a Page A Day calendar and make them into a notepad.Β  I took a hole punch and made a hole in the upper left corner.Β  Once I had holes made I threaded a scrap piece of ribbon through to tie it all together.Β  I loosely tied the ribbon so that I could add more pages as I go through my calendar.Β  Now I have a great notepad of scratch paper!

You can also put the pages back together the same way that they are bound as the calendar, with a glue-like adhesive on top.Β  The simplest way to do this is to use a hot glue gun.Β  If you don’t want to use any glue or chemicals, there are still other options.Β  Punching a hole through the corners and inserting a metal grommet to hold the pages together will work, as will blanket-stitching the top of your pages.

Reusing something that would normally go by the way-side when it’s use was up saves not only money (no more buying notepads), but it’s eco-friendly (less paper that goes into the waste).Β  When you’re all done with your notepad and pages, take them to be recycled.Β  Getting the most use out of something before recycling it is the best way to approach recycling and sustainability.

6 thoughts on “Double Duty for Your Daily Calendar”

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  2. Love this aesthetic! Too bad the local coffee roaster’s shop [] went out of business in my neighborhood (the roasting factory’s still open, but not close enough to walk to). I may have to take a special trip to Maryland for this…

  3. We skipped the hassle of hole-punching altogether and just clipped all the torn-off pages with a colored binder clip. We now use them as a memo stash next to the phone. And since the page-a-day calendar was about things that make you smile, people are smiling even more!
    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

  4. Years ago when my sister had gotten a Far Side page-a-day calendar she would use the back of the pages for notes. I swear I would get letters written on the back of Far Side calendars for years, LOL. But they were perfect because the Far Side comics are ageless comedy. Good idea with the cute overload calendar too!

  5. I used to have Far Side pagea-day calenders too. saved all the comics and later used them to cover a rough looking metal cabinet that had been turned into a clothes closet for a room that didn’t have one. It turned out really cool!

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