DIY Eco-Friendly School Supplies

reusable snack bag

4. Eco-Friendly Lunch Ideas

In the April’s Green Crafts Showcase we featured a fabric lunch bag from Permanent Kisses. This is the perfect time to take a look at that tutorial again, and make your child their own fabric lunch bag. They seem pretty simple to make and are way more eco-friendly than using paper sacks. If you’re looking for other eco-friendly lunch ideas, you should check out our tutorials How To: Sew a Reusable Snack Bag (pictured above) and How To: Sew Lunchbox Cloth Napkins.

Replacing disposables with reusables is already very green, but if you want to up the eco factor, go for organic cotton or hemp instead of conventional fabrics. Not only are these better for the planet, but they’re healthier for your kids, which is especially important when you’re talking about fabrics coming in contact with food.

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[Photo via Becky Striepe, used with permission]

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