DIY Crafts: Make a Paper Flower!

DIY Crafts: Make a Paper Flower!

DIY Crafts: Make a Paper Flower!

Want to create flowers that will never die? Create DIY crafts like this adorable paper flower!

Paper flowers are the best! They don’t die like real flowers and they’re oh-so-cute! I recently found a paper flower at a thrift store that was made out of newspaper and felt. I was so impressed by it that I wanted to recreate it! Here’s how I made my own recycled paper flower!

What You Will Need:

1. Recycled paper. I used book pages, but you could use sheet music, newspaper, or magazine pages, too.

2. Scissors

3. Felt. If you can, use recycled felt or you can even felt an old sweater.

4. Hot glue/hot glue gun

5. Tape

6. A twig or stick

How To Do It:

1. Cut your paper into 4 inch strips. Then, crumple the pages multiple times. This may seem silly, but it will make the pages soft (which will make them easier to form into a flower pedal). It will also add texture to each pedal. I crumpled my pages around 5 times each.

DIY Crafts: Make a Paper Flower!

2. Loop each strip in half to kind of form a bubble. Crease in the edges and “fluff” the bubble as much as possible. Then tape the ends together. I created 8 petals for my flower.

DIY Crafts: Make a Paper Flower!

3. Cut two circles out of your felt. I made mine around 2 inches in diameter.

4. Hot glue the petals to one of your felt circles like so:

DIY Crafts: Make a Paper Flower!

5. Hot glue the stick on top of the petals. Make sure you put it through it through the middle a bit — this will help your flower stand up straight instead of being all droopy.

DIY Crafts: Make a Paper Flower!

6. Then, hot glue the second felt circle on top of the stick.

You’re finished! Now you have an adorable paper flower that’s ready for a small vase. You could create several of these cuties for a fun eco-friendly centerpiece, too!

Where would you display your paper flower?

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