4 DIY Baby Ideas

DIY Baby Ideas

Whether you’re a new mom or dad or know someone with a new baby, these DIY baby ideas are sure to rock your socks!

Having a kid can be expensive and pretty darn wasteful. My son is only 4 1/2 months old, and I am already appalled at the waste involved in raising a kiddo. So many things to buy and so much packaging! In the name of reducing my family’s footprint, I have been trying to make DIY baby things where I can instead of buying them to save money and reduce the number of boxes, bags, tags, and discarded plastic packages in my recycle bin.

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Of course, there are some baby things you can’t really make yourself. I dare you to crochet a baby monitor or construct a safe car seat. But for smaller baby items, you can often opt for making things yourself rather than hitting the store. If you need some DIY baby ideas to get you going, check out our slideshow!

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