Creating Adorable Baby Bums: Cloth Diapers

If you sew your own (or others) cloth diapers, does that make you a crafter or an eco-conscious Mama?  Of course, it makes you both.

Here are directions to make super cute diapers out of t-shirts.  How’s that for a reclaiming project?  The best part is you can put the fun saying or cute part of the shirt right onto babies bum!

Need some liners for inside the diapers, here’s a tutorial for that.

How about making your own felted wool covers out of second hand sweaters?

Need to know where to find diaper making fabrics and kits, here’s a link.  (Stay with us after the jump to find out more about the adorable diaper in the photo.)

If you’re not inclined to sew your own, check out these adorable cloth diapers I found in an Etsy shop, Monkey Snuggles Diaper Company.  Let another crafty Mom create yours.

I’ve discovered that just about any fabric or cast off piece of clothing can be used in diapering.  Think about how cute your babies bum will be with a diaper made with an old pair of jeans or sporting your college Alma Mater sweatshirt.

The photo is a Monkey Snuggles Diaper One Size Pocket Diaper I ordered for a friend of mine to try out on her new baby girl.  This is made with a super cute WET RESISTANT fabric so a separate cover is not needed. This diaper is absolutely adorable, it sizes down very nicely and grows with baby so these one size are the most economical of fitted diapers.  This one has a lovely fuschia liner that is very soft to touch and a combination of velcro style fastener and snaps for sizing up.   I for one am thrilled to see such a fun print in a wet resistant nappy.

Written by Jamie Ervin

Being green comes naturally for Jamie, a Native Oregonian. Educated at Oregon State University she is now a UofO Ducks fan, but remains true to her Alma Mater, the Beavers. Jamie lives vicariously through her husband, a developer of shoes for little feet, who travels the world over and prays she doesn't blog about him. She is the mother to five children, aged 4-16 and a Registered Daycare Provider. Her long term goals include traveling Asia, completing her first novel, obtaining her Master's Degree in English Lit and Education, in addition, Jamie would love to start a natural household and body product line, or maybe just pour some (organic soy) candles. Visit Jamie's personal blog, Looks Good In Polka Dots where it's not just about mothering, gluten free cooking and socially conscious living.


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  1. This idea deserves a prize! Way too many old t-shirts end up as landfill, but that’s nothing to the mountain of disposable diapers thrown into the trash every day.
    I hope this idea really takes off.

  2. If I could just step out of this rat race I have reluctantly climbed into, I could take the time to actually make some of these crafty and creative eco-friendly, human-friendly, life-sustaining projects you mention. Until then,I will continue to encourage others to do the same and assist in providing a resource for not only truly adorable novelty cotton fabric, but my favorite organic and naturals as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

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