Crafty Green Download Review: Disaster Dioramas

Comic Book Disaster

I’ve been having so much fun with my Crafty Green Book Reviews (I didn’t realize that I had so much to say about Weekend Sewing until I started sayin it), you might be able to tell, as well, that I have been way into paper crafting lately. I have always GOT to be doing something with my hands or I am not mentally healthy, and since I forgot my Ravenclaw House Scarf project when I packed for my vacation to California, I’ve discovered that paper-folding is just about as easy to do at an in-law’s house as it is at home.

Without access to my crafts books and supplies and works-in-progress from home, I’ve become interested again in a web site I discovered a little while ago: Disaster Dioramas by Spitefuls.

Each file set contains all the components necessary to cut out and create a diorama of a given disaster—the diorama of Pompeii appeals to my Classical Studies background, while the diorama of the Titanic appeals to that Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet movie that I saw in the theater three, count them THREE times. And then I bought the two-VHS set. And I might still have that set, to pass down to my daughters, you know.

As with the Form Wild series that I’ll be reviewing next, you’re meant to print these out on a paper of at least cardstock thickness. I can easily imagine how creative you can get with your paper choice, however, and this ability certainly allows you to choose any material from your eco-friendly arsenal that you’d wish to try. And since these are definitely meant to be display pieces, so far the one or two that I’ve attempted have been much safer living in the same house with my small children than those poor, doomed Form Wild animals.

However, and here’s the huge caveat—these dioramas are hard. HARD. They are challenging, tricky, difficult, they are HARD. Mind you, I’m not naturally a paper crafter. My husband, who’s a graphic designer and has a much better head for three-dimensional imaging than I do, would not describe himself as a crafter at all and yet he basically first helped me a lot, and then pretty much just took over. He found the fiddly little crafty bits difficult, but a crafter, of course, wouldn’t.

So if you don’t have a head for three-dimensional imaging, yourself, consider this your mental exercise for the month of August. It will help keep you from developing Alzheimer’s disease.

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  2. Ok, I’m totally cracking up (in a morbid sort of way, I guess) at the idea making disaster dioramas. And if I’m really at a loss for a homeschooling art/craft idea as well as a history lesson idea, I’ll actually attempt these.

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