Crafting a Green World Lead Writer Kelly Rand is a Guest Curator on Etsy

Weeks back I highlighted Etsy and their brilliant blog curator spotlights. Now we’re on the topic again with our very own Kelly Rand! Here are some highlights from the exhibit:

Shown above is Glue and Glitter’s (another talented CAGW teammate) lovely Spring apron. What a darling color combination.

J’aime her taste in reclaimed and recycled metal jewelery from the husband and wife team: Figs and Ginger and Here is the lovely fawn in the forest necklace:

Figs and Ginger explains“Each piece is either forged, sawed, or soldered by hand and much of their work is inspired by the simple beauty found in forests, both imaginary & real.” Look at this adorable piece I swung into called the “Nestling Necklace

Be sure to check out more of Kelly’s picks on the Storque guest curator spotlights! πŸ™‚

Photo courtesy of Kelly Rand and Avelino Maestas

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