Buy Handmade: Journals from Recycled Materials

Journals from Recyclable Material

At the most random moments you can find me writing in a journal. I carry one with me wherever I go (most of the time it stays tucked in my purse). Why? Well, I never know when I’m going to be inspired. As a writer, and as a crafter, ideas pop in my head constantly. There are too many times where I’ve thought, “Oh, I need to remember that idea!” but then I quickly forget it. The solution– an awesome journal!

My challenge to you: buy a journal and write down everything that inspires you. It could be the color of a leaf you see outside, an item in your recycling bin, or an idea of how to transform classic Christmas candles. With that being said, here are some amazing recyclable journals that I’ve found through Etsy that would be perfect for storing all of your thoughts!

1. Gournals

These handmade journals are made with 100% hemp recycled paper, recycled cardboard, and other reused materials. I love the detail the creator, Amie, puts into each journal!


Journals from Recyclable Material

[Photo via Gournals, used with permission]

2. Nature’s Cubbyhole

This shop has journals, planners, and stationary that are all eco-friendly and adorable! The journal cover featured below is made of 100% recycled rubber that is fused to hemp burlap. The inside of the journal is made of 100% post consumer recycled banana fiber pages. I also adore the fact that it has a pen holder– it’s the little things, right?

Journals from Recyclable Material

[Photo via Nature’s Cubbyhole, used with permission]

3. Palepink

Β Can you believe that the journal below is made out of recycled bike inner tubes? All of Palepink’s items are so unique and detailed! Click over to the store to check out their inner tube jewelry, wallets, and make-up bags as well!

Journals from Recyclable Material

[Photo used via Palepink, used with permission]

4. Wild Rose Herbs

This journal from Wild Rose Herbs is made from 100% recycled paper remnants. Not only do I love that it’s made from recycled material, but I love it’s simplicity and beauty. Plus, the owls are awesome!

Journals from Recyclable Material

[Photo via Wild Rose Herbs, used with permission]

So, what do you think? Are these journals worthy of containing all your wonderful ideas? I’m contemplating sending this list to my family and friends so they can buy them for me for Christmas! If you’re feeling adventurous, though, you could always make your own recycled journal! No matter which option you choose, get a journal and see how it can transform your writing/crafting world!

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  1. What a great idea! Our 10 year old daughter just approached us two days ago saying she wanted to start a journal as she had a couple of friends doing it. We suggest to her that if she wants one, there are plenty of materials around the house she could use to help make one. Now, if we could make her and her younger brother remember that the aluminum cans go in a different barrel than the general garbage!

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