Attention, Indie Crafters: Crafty Supermarket Seeks Your Swag!

Crafty Supermarket 2011If you’re an indie crafter with a web presence (like me), or a crafty blogger with a monetized blog (also like me), then you’re probably always looking for frugal, powerful ways to advertise what you do to the people who’d be most likely to be interested.

If that sounds like you, then you should totally consider sending something awesome over to Crafty Supermarket.

Crafty Supermarket, located in Cincinnatti, is one of THE go-to indie craft fairs of the Midwest. Their 50 vendors regularly attract thousands of happy shoppers, the first 100 of which score swag bags.

Crafty Supermarket swagIf you don’t know what a swag bag is, pretend the following: you have just finished walking around your neighborhood, going trick-or-treating for crafts. That’s a swag bag.

Swag bags might include stickers, bottle cap magnets, pinback buttons, teeny-tiny softies, zines, postcards–whatever an indie crafter is able to give away over 100 of, that’s what you’ll find in a swag bag.

If you’re on the fence about contributing your own swag, then remember that when you put your business info with your swag (pinned to it or packaged with it), then you’re getting your advertising into the hands of 100 people who are so into indie crafts that they’re willing to wait in line before a craft fair opens just to be one of the first people inside, and just to get one of these bags.Β  Swag bags also go to volunteers, who are so into indie crafts that they’re willing to work at an indie craft fair for free!

Sold? Check out Crafty Supermarket’s Call for Swag yourself for more info and the mailing address.

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